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The Miracle Of Positive Suggestions

STOP Before you do another thing,
See how much easier it is to accomplish your goals
when you use the power of your
subconscious mind.

Why do some people always get what they want in life? They enjoy good health, financial freedom, have a positive outlook, and seem to be successful in practically everything.

Successful people, unlike others who are always falling short of their goals, have one incredibly powerful ally: their subconscious minds. And they make use of this infinite power to make success inevitable.

Make Your Subconscious Mind Your Ally And Get What You Want From Life

Most of us are aware of our "conscious mind". We use logic, deduction and reason to make decisions and reach conclusions and make rational and moral decisions.

The "subconscious mind" is very different, but every bit as powerful and works like a highly sophisticated computer. It makes no decisions or moral judgements on its own, just as a computer doesn't. Instead it stores data, retains memories, feelings, emotions and is responsible for our intuition and imagination.

Like a computer, if we put "garbage in" (negative thoughts) into our minds, we will get "garbage out" (negative results). But, if used properly, i.e. put in "positive thoughts" in to our minds we will get "positive results" in our lives.

The subconscious mind can be an extraordinary powerful goal seeking mechanism. The subconscious mind can enable each one of us to reach our goals.

If You Don't Know Where You Are Going How Do You Know That You Will Get There

To work for us in a positive way, the subconscious mind needs to be “fed” goals, objectives to achieve and problems to solve. And once we give our subconscious mind an objective, it will stop at nothing to achieve it.

That’s why the goals we turn over to our subconscious mind have a much greater chance of being accomplished. In effect, when we put our subconscious mind to work, we’re allowing it to operate in unison with our conscious willpower. By constantly feeding our subconscious mind with goals and positive thoughts our chances for success increase astronomically.

On the other hand, when our subconscious mind is programmed with negative thoughts, we can easily sabotage our own efforts, and fall short of our goals. In fact, Brain scientists present new evidence every day showing how our bodies and our performance are profoundly affected by our beliefs.

In fact, we all have endless beliefs on every aspect of life. We have one belief for how good we are at a particular sport, one for what sort of parent we may be, one for how good a cook we are, etc.

Your goal might be to stop smoking, improve your memory, become rich, improve your golf, improve your child’s study habits, or anything else you may want in life. Whatever your goal is, when you access your subconscious mind and effectively communicate your goals, you put an invincible force behind your willpower to get the job done. The critical thing, however, is that you give your subconscious mind the proper directions so it can do what it is meant to do.

What applies to adults applies even more to children. When a child is born (s)he is like a blank slate. The society, culture, environment and country in which the child grows up in, all leave their imprints on the child’s mind. Why does a child born in China learn to speak Chinese and not Swedish? By “feeding” positive messages of any subject we can direct the child’s life into a positive and successful one.

Introducing Mohinder Kalsi

Mohinder is a Life Coach, mentor and a proud Founder with ONPASSIVE since 20th August 2018.

He was an England International Lacrosse Player for ten years (from aged 14), was a top rated part-time Driving Instructor for over 10 years, around his day jobs, and an accomplished Sports/Lacrosse Coach.

He climbed the corporate ladder, in several industries, he worked for 4 years for the GSI division of Texas Instruments, in his early corporate career. A high achieving Manager in Private Industry, 11 years in Plysu (Nampak) in various supervisory & managerial roles, 4 years as a Customer Relations Manager with Halifax (HBOS).

Mohinder spent four years, teaching & coaching, in Eastern Europe, including Czechia, Russia, Estonia & Azerbaijan (including serving as an Assistant Director of Studies – Linguabusiness, Moscow/Russia) and (after returning from Eastern Europe – 2008) fell into the security field, including being based at Boeing Defence UK.

Mohinder has a Masters in Psychology and a Doctorate in Education and Human Development, with specialisation in subliminal persuasion techniques.

Dr. Kalsi has created this state-of-the-art breakthrough programme called MindPower Subliminal Series. Using these subliminal recordings, you can access and utilise the tremendous power of your subconscious mind to increase your chances of success in everything you do.

Each recording in the series will nourish and programme your subconscious mind with positive thoughts and the specific goals you want to achieve.

You cannot erase past negative thoughts and programming instilled into your subconscious mind by yourself or others. But you can drown out the negative programming with more powerful positive re-programming of your subconscious mind to achieve the specific goals that you want to achieve.

Experience A Surge Of Success In Whatever You Do

You’ll experience more intuitive hunches and inspirations. And almost effortlessly, you’ll start to achieve goals that seemed impossible using your conscious mind alone.

Once you start to use these recordings, you’ll begin to find new solutions for personal and professional problems.

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Why We Need Subliminal Messages

In the first few years of life, children, all of whom were born without any preconceived beliefs, take in billions of bits of information through all their senses. From this intake of information they start to perceive their place in the world. This information goes straight into their subconscious minds and gradually because it is so deeply instilled in the subconscious mind, the subconscious mind starts to put up a filter mechanism.

Anything that does not agree with the already stored information in the subconscious mind is rejected. Therefore, it is not a good idea to constantly tell a child that(s) he is useless as this will result in a life long belief, in that child, that(s) he is indeed useless and cannot easily solve any problem throughout his/her lifetime.

The messages stored up in the subconscious mind show up in our conscious beliefs. Any new conscious messages will not go into the subconscious mind because of the filter mechanism. Hence, quite commonly, a smoker, who in his/her subconscious mind believes that(s) he cannot give up smoking, will indeed not give up smoking however hard his/her conscious mind wants to give up smoking.

What we have to do is "trick" the subconscious filter mechanism to relax and put down it's guard whilst we slip in new positive messages into the subconscious mind to out-number the negative messages for each chosen area of the change required. Traditionally this has been done with music or ocean waves camouflaging the subliminal messages. The music or ocean waves relaxes the filter mechanism guard and the subliminal messages slip into the subconscious.

Most people are weary of the hidden messages. After all, there could be negative messages hidden under the music or ocean waves.

The MindPower Subliminal Series recordings are totally NON-MASKED and this gives the all important reassurance factor. Just turn up the volume and listen to all the messages before you use the recording subliminally.

There is a tremendous amount to be gained when you use the MindPower Subliminal recordings. But the best part is that you can start to use these recordings right-away and that means you can start to achieve the objectives you want in life almost immediately.

You will see how quickly and effortlessly you can accomplish any task once your conscious and subconscious minds work together in harmony. You will feel tremendous pride in accomplishing your goals. And you will enjoy the special satisfaction of having others see you as one of life's successful people.

Why MindPower Subliminal Recordings Are The Best


First, because listeners can review all the suggestions at an audible level before turning the recording down to a subliminal level, they tend to feel a greater degree of confidence in using the recording. This translates, as you might expect, into superior results.


Second, because MindPower recordings can be used anywhere, anytime, beneath ordinary room noise, listeners tend to use them for longer periods of time, thereby increasing their subconscious exposure to the performance enhancing affirmations. Again, superior improvement is a direct result.

MindPower recordings can be downloaded directly to your computer. The continuous play feature on Windows Media Player allows you to play the affirmations endlessly: at work, at home (and even during sleep time).


Third, the negative habits that you now possess are a result of countless repetitions of the wrong input until a groove has been imprinted in your subconscious mind similar to that of a phonogragh record. Since many thousands of repetitions were needed to put the groove in, then a similar or even greater amount of repetitions are needed to replace that groove. Consequently under normal circumstances it could take an extraordinary number of hours to get the mind to accept the new positive programming.

The solution to this problem can be again attributed to MindPower's unique design. At the end of the special three minute message your subconscious mind is instructed to accept each listening of the three minute special message as having the same impact as if you had listened to it 10,000 times (most people can easily visualise this number as opposed to any higher number). Once your subconscious accepts this statement to be true, it in fact becomes true. If this concept makes sense to you, then you understand why these are the most powerful recordings ever created.


Fourth, Neuro scientists have discovered that special music calibrated at 60 beats (or below), per second, merge the left and right hemispheres of the brain into a cohesive unit. Studies have proven that this synchronisation speeds up the learning process two to five times and dramatically increases the receptivity of the subconscious mind.

Each MindPower recording includes audible suggestions and right brain stabilisation music on a high-energy audio recording.
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The Miracle Of Positive Suggestions

Why do some people always get what they want in life? They enjoy good health, financial freedom, have a positive outlook, and seem to be successful in practically everything.

Successful people, unlike others who are always falling short of their goals, have one incredibly powerful ally: their subconscious minds. And they make use of this infinite power to make success inevitable.

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In 1985, I received through the mail (the old snail mail - real letters, newspapers, etc) a standard magazine sized catalogue, made out of newsprint, it was folded in half and the open end was stapled together. On the back cover there was a post card printed on - with my name and address hand written on it and a stamp.
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“Imagine for a moment that you could just push a button to program your mind to be anything you wanted to be. That is precisely why I purchased this amazing program. About 2 years ago I began using the MindPower subliminal recordings by Mo Kalsi. I was ecstatic with the results. I was able to quit smoking, improve my writing skills and rivet my concentration to any subject for hours at a time.”

A. Sweet

BC, Canada
A. Sweet

“Although I had heard of this [subliminal] phenomenon before, I never had the experience of going through the process. I really liked the voice and speaking style of Mo Kalsi. And, I have had very satisfying results. I have also learned quite a number of “tricks” for doing my subliminal programming.”

D. Sahoo

D. Sahoo

“I liked the fact this MindPower non-masked subliminals website was very detailed about how subliminals work, and why they work. I liked the fact that it allowed you to educate yourself and develop an all-round personality. Best of all, it was the only website I could find on the Internet that allowed you to do acquire these recordings, without paying ridiculous prices.”

C. Okumura

Honolulu, HI. USA
C. Okumura

“Dr. Mo Kalsi is very informative and encouraging. I admire his achievements and appreciate his encouragement and belief that anyone can use these recordings. Using subliminals is a natural, fast and easy way for people to quickly and efficiently learn new skills.”

S. McHaney

S. McHaney

“I was intrigued with subliminals that were not masked, so I ordered the full package of MindPower recordings. I really liked Mo Kalsi’s expert description of how the mind processes stimuli and how many positive uses there are for subliminals. I have used other subliminal recordings and have never had complete confidence in the content of the scripts.”

D. Appiah

Milton Keynes, UK
D. Appiah
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