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In 1985, I received through the mail (the old snail mail - real letters, newspapers, etc) a standard magazine sized catalogue, made out of newsprint, it was folded in half and the open end was stapled together. On the back cover there was a post card printed on - with my name and address hand written on it and a stamp. Receiving that catalogue changed my life. Inside it, were personal development, self-mastery, self-improvement type of products, in the form of books, single audio-cassettes, 6-audio-cassette seminars, etc. How to make money from home-based businesses, by direct-mail, etc., etc. I bought many of these, over the following months & years. But, what caught my attention, the most, was the subliminal audio-cassette recordings.

I had heard of subliminal messages being used in cinema 32″ film reels to promote popcorn and Coca-Cola, but, not as a method to make positive changes in one’s life. The company – Future World – was/is based in Texas/USA. I started to order some of these. Some were “traditional” type of subliminals – where the positive words and phrases are cover by ocean waves sound or by baroque light classical music. Others, made by the owner & CEO – of Future World – were non-masked – i.e. one could turn the volume up and hear the actual positive messages.

I had built up a large collection of both, traditional and non-masked. I had got married in 1983. In 1987, my wife was pregnant. Just around that time – Auto-Reverse Audio-Cassette players came on the market. At the time we live in a small Flat in London. So, I fitted a self above our bed and installed an auto-reverse cassette player there. One of the tapes/cassettes that I had in my collection of traditional subliminal recordings was “Having a Baby”. (NO, silly! – it did not make you pregnant) ?

What it did do – was to make the mother and baby work together – for both to have an easy labour and delivery. On 13th February 1988, we were watching a late-night TV programme, when her “waters burst” – so, we quickly, got in the car and drove to the hospital, about 3 kilometres away. I had to quickly find a wheelchair and wheel her to the Maternity ward. Cut a long story short … Kiran (my daughter) was born in 90 minutes of leaving home – a Valentine’s Day baby – 01.32 am Sunday, 14th February 1988.

In the Summer of 1988, we moved to Milton Keynes, to a house (I had previously lived in Milton Keynes, when I was single). Anyway, my wife was due again in February 1990.
In the house, the three bedrooms and the living room had it’s own auto-reverse cassette player, so, that there was always some subliminal recording being played, e.g. like “Focused Concentration”, Unlimited Creative Power”, “Complete Self-Confidence” etc. – and again – when the wife became pregnant – it was the “Having a Baby” recording all day and all night ?

Again, it was a Saturday night, watching TV again – rushed to the hospital with the wife and 2-year old daughter – no-body about outside the (newly built) Milton Keynes Hospital, all doors seem to be locked – I had to take my daughter in her pushchair, quickly to the Emergency Department, get a night-shop owner to keep an eye on my daughter, hijack a wheel chair, get back to the wife in the car. I somehow managed to the Emergency area with the wheelchair. I had to move the wheelchair about 30 metres and then come back to move the pushchair. I somehow managed to get to the Maternity Ward, via the Emergency area and half of the hospital. In the Maternity Ward, there was this dopey night-shift midwife, half-a-sleep, who left us in a delivery room. The wife was struggling to prevent the baby coming out – I was kneeling down with my hands out – to catch the baby – if it popped out ? After about 10 minutes the midwife came back and saw what was happening – she disappeared again but came back with a couple of doctors – who managed to get the wife on to the bed. Again, long story short – my son (Mantej) was born within 1 hour of having left home.

In the mid-1990s I started to make my own Non-Masked Subliminal recordings, initially on Audio-Cassettes and later also on CDs. I had learnt the art of direct mail, so placed small Ads in trade magazines, newspapers to sell them – and I did very well. By about 1997, PCs and the Internet came about – I learnt how to build a simple HTML website and started to sell them over the Internet, for a few years.

I had created 100 different titles – whilst I was away, teaching in Russia (2004-2008) – my kids had a clear out of the attic. So some of the originals were lost. Today there are 90 titles remaining.

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