Child: Birth to 6 Months

Examples of Suggestions:

  • You are relaxed around friends, neighbours and especially around members of your family.
  • You feel a deep sense of inner energy, strength, power, well-being, self-confidence and peace.
  • Day by day, in every way you are growing stronger, calmer and more filled with joy and happiness.
  • Your hands are well co-ordinated.
  • You can use them to hold anything you want.



Click Below to Download the mp3:Lose Weight

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Click Below to Download the mp4:Lose Weight

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How To Get The Best Out Of The Recording

  • Review the positive suggestions on the recording at an audible level, to be sure that the recorded messages are "positive".

  • Once you are satisfied that the suggestions are indeed "positive", turn down the volume to a level where you can hear something is being played but not loud enough to actually understand the messages clearly.

  • The recording can be used anywhere, anytime, beneath ordinary room/street noise. This ("noise") acts as the "subliminal" mask, allowing the listener to use them for longer periods of time, thereby increasing their subconscious exposure to the performance enhancing affirmations. Superior improvement is a direct result.